I’m Ken Hart the designer,painter and creator of 3D Blacklight Posters.com. I’m glad I was in the U.S. Navy because that is where I learned to paint as a medical illustrator. For many years my job was to travel around the US and world designing and painting blacklight haunted houses. Many many people would ask me if I would make a copy of the 3d blacklight paintings in the haunted houses that they could buy.I finally came up with 6 designs that I put on posters.There was only one Co. that could make them for me at that time. They were expensive. More recently, I found ┬áready to print sites that would print my posters and my t-shirts There was still problems. The quality was not always that good and they still wanted a lot of money,I thought. They didn’t offer 3d glasses. My goal is to offer posters and t-shirts less than $20 and include 3d glasses for free. I have found a Co. that can print in bulk and have the quality I like.

My name is Sean Paul Hart (@hartseancar). I am the webmaster and social media guy for 3D Blacklight Posters.com. I recently graduated with a degree in biology. I like technology and its lots of fun to help my dad with the site. I also do cooking videos and vlogs on You Tube. We have worked hard to bring you an easy to use website and really cool, high quality 3D blacklight posters!